• How's it going everybody I am FlashWoolFumble. I wanted to apply for this server because my friend told me that one was already set up and he joined it. I am 14 years old and have a decent experience with mods . I am hoping to learn more mods than I currently know. This is why I am hoping to join this server because with a friend it makes it easier to learn more mods. As a player I hope to join this community and make lots of friends on this server. Thank you very much for reading my application and considering me as a player for your server.

  • Who is your friend if I may ask? Conspirator_?

  • Alright, I've spoken to Conspirator_. Everything seems to be aright, we are going to give you the same warning we gave to him. We are not going to tolerate any tomfuckery, not too say you can not mess around but make sure its toned down a bit. Welcome to Stonebound. 🙂

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