• Name: Kealan
    Alias: EvoDk
    Age: 20
    Location: UK
    How I found you: Mate of mine, VyrusGaming.

    Started playing minecraft whenever I was 13, interested in all different mod packs such as FTB and TEKKIT.
    Currently in university studying computer security.
    Trying the stone block server because i was really interested in skyblock.
    Also interested in the fact that its a whitelisted server means that the server is a bit more welcoming etc.
    18+ server is also what drew me to it, because you dont constantly have to deal with kids.

  • Staff

    Hello Kealan,

    Thank you for submitting an application. After reviewing it, I can happily say that you have been whitelisted! As of this message, you will have access to all of our servers. Feel free to hop on our Discord if you need any help, have questions for us or just want to hang out.

    Happy mining!

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