• Age: 17
    Country: China
    History of bans: none
    Why i want join Stonebound servers: Because the quality of Chinese server players is very poor, I only want an environment that allows me to play safely.

    Previous Experience
    I have been playing minecraft for about five years. The modules I like most are RFTools and Mekanism. During the game of minecraft, I also made a lot of friends, but because of the internet environment in China, I can't find a community that suits me. Now, I just want to have a game environment that allows me to play safely.

    About me
    I am now a student in China. My favorite things are computers, games, and music. I don't like to argue with other people. I prefer to communicate with reasonable reasons. I also play other games, such as Geometry Dash, Prison Architect. I don't know the architecture of Minecraft, but I have played many tech mods.

    I don't speak English, but I can understand English.
    The above content is based on Google Translate.
    The content is very messy, I am sorry, but I hope the administrators will give me a chance.

  • Retired

    Hi there! I have reviewed your application and it is with great joy I welcome you to Stonebound! You have been whitelisted on our servers. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know. When you have a moment, drop on by our Discord and say hi! Happy mining!


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