• Age : 35
    Country : USA
    How i found you : Mohronus personally recommended the server to me. Said you guys were as chill as we were on our server before it folded.

    Little about me.... Well, I like minecraft, but im not rabid about it. I helped Mohron and the Games on the Rocks crew with their server, first as like a general lackey, then a moderator, then a server admin doing nix scutwork like reupping certs, "troubleshooting" rogue tps sinks, the like. Um, i have one kid, a wife, I work at a major IT company....not much else.

    Oh I havent played MC in months, between starting a new job, my kid, switching to working graveyards (yuk) and the rocks server closing down I didn't really have any desire. Towards the end of rocks, I would mostly ever get on to fix things, rarely to like, just play, so I'm looking to get back into just playing.

    Also Moh tells me you guys pick packs based on community choice, id love to see stoneblock get some love.

  • Staff

    Hi Benedict,
    thanks for introducing yourself, you're welcome to join us. Enjoy playing on Stonebound, you might even see a few familiar faces from your previous community. As for the pack StoneBlock, we're currently looking into it to make sure it's a viable pack for hosting, you can stay up to date on our discord channel.
    You've been whitelisted, have a good time.~

  • Yeah moh and i were discussing its kind of a huge large pack for hosting. I tried to hop on the "official" server and tps was around 2-3, and every 5 minutes the server hard crashed and rebooted so....dunno if that was a player doing something or just the pack is not going to work for large (more than 5 concurrent user) multiplayer hosting. its been fun in SSP tho

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