• My name is Justin, I'm 28. I live in Indiana, US.
    I found Stonebound searching through looking for a whitelisted server. I'm sick of joining servers with anyone and everyone that can type a URL. I would really enjoy a server with a sense of community, I want to be trusted to stop by a fellow players base and just admire all the things! I would also like to trust everyone else to stop by my base and show off what I've done or even meet a friend and work together to build something fantastic.

    I've never been banned and I've never had to lie about my age.

    My favorite mod is either EnderIO or Refined Storage. Those two mods together are pretty nice if done correctly. I played minecraft in alpha when I was in highschool to pass the time in study hall, I've managed to keep up with the game and am really enjoying the influx of new mods. The community is part of the reason this game is still alive!

    In my spare time, I spend time with my family and play vanilla minecraft with my children on a server I run from home.

  • Staff

    Hey Justin, thanks for your interest!
    This community should be just what you're after, people are friendly and helpful, I've had great team members to explore each hosted pack so far, and there have been a lot of inspiring builds to admire on the way! I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist, enjoy playing on Stonebound.~

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