• Hello!
    Currently Living in Texas,USA
    I've Been a gamer since 2008 starting off with the beloved WII:P everyone's favorite console!! intense Sarcasm
    By now I've come to love multiple genres of games Love everything from Sid Meirs Civilization to The Occasional COD and everything in between. Ive been playing minecraft since 2012 and stopped playing around 2016. Still haven't played since, looking to get back into with a great whitelisted community! I Played Packs like minecrack,Direwolf,Infinity Evolved, Revolution, Mad Pack, even a couple of ones that i created myself which ive long lost access too!
    I'm Currently an Owner of an ARK survival evolved server which takes up a little bit of my time. I Work from home as a telemarketer. The best part of my job is i can play games while working!!(Everyones Dream right?)
    I'd like to eventually become a content creator, I'm quite a big gear head meaning i love cars! I own a 2018 Coyote With a 140MM turbo, Offroad headers, and many other things built into it! Well thats enough about me, look forward to joining you guys if i fit your requirements!

  • Staff

    Hello Mad_Dog420,
    thanks for your application and introducing yourself. We're happy to have you joining us on Stonebound, you've been whitelisted to our servers. Enjoy getting back into Minecraft after your break and feel free to reach out for any advice from our members.
    Sorry for the late reply, I hope you're still around.
    See you soon!

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