• Hello,

    My name is DeltaSierra25 and I have been playing minecraft of and on for at least 5 years. I am 34 years old, and from the United States. I play modded minecraft to relax and build different things depending on my mood and the pack. I am very into automation and the tech/magic side of figuring out mods. I think my favorite pack would be ultimate the original pack, that is what I started on and it was very challenging. I play a lot of video games as it helps relax me after a high stress job and allows me to hang out with people online and interact. I am looking for a server where I can build and do my thing without having to worry about if my stuff is going to be there when I log on next time. I look forward to hearing from you on whether or not I will make this my new minecraft home.


  • Staff

    Hello DeltaSierra,

    I've had a look through your application, and I am happy to welcome you onto our whitelist! Feel free to stop by our discord for any help, or if you want to hang out in general. We have a classic ftb pack and two recent packs, so I hope you can have some fun with us in game!


  • Awesome! Thank you for the quick response. See you in there.


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