• Hello,
    my Minecraft name is Lobosch. I'm 33 years old and from Germany.
    I play mincraft on and off for around 8 years.
    ( I can remember when the Halloween Update came out.)
    I never was banned from a Server as Far as I know.
    I'm working as a Grafik Designer. Its quit possible that I make a lot of spelling mistakes and I`m sorry for that, its because I'm dyslexic and English my second language.

    I really like a lot of mods but my favorite is Immersiv engineering, its jest he best looking.

    To be honest, I started a few weeks ago on an blacklist server with an similar modpack but I was not happy, to many players had explored every part of the map, bases everywhere, voting rewards were watering down the work I put in, and when I wanted to use an RF tools Builder to construct a dome in my base, the builder was banned from the overworld, but the didn't wrote that in the Banned items list.

    So I googel for an whitelist-server and ended up here.
    I played on two different whitelist-servers before and learned to prefer them.
    One of my favorite moments on one of them was when the Admin updated something and got rid of all the teleport commands. It was very sudden and we got some problems, but the I started a nether Hub project the smaller teams worked together and we adapted.

    I really don't mind the Mining part of mincraft, its very relaxing. My first base usually looks like a cave crammed full of stuff, the second one is the one I make big with nice builds.

    In short I would like to Play on your server. I hope to see more players online, but if everybody waits for that...

    PS. Is there something like a Known issues threat? I just want to kmow if three any bugs to look out for.

  • Staff

    Hello Lobosch, and thank you for your interest in joining us!
    The thing I love about Immersive Engineering is that its machines are more than just a single block with a special texture and an interface, its got a mindset that more of the other tech mods should have. We have player-to-player teleport commands disabled for encouraging basically what you've described, and it works pretty well!
    Anyway, I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist, hope you have a great time playing with our community. See you soon!

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