• hello, My name is Jesper and I'm 21 years old from Sweden. I'm currently working in a factory and my hobbies is to play games and cars. found this server by randomly googling modded whitelist servers as I'm interested in getting back playing modded Mc, And that I like the online experience more than playing offline.
    my favorite mods are pretty much all tech mods and thaumcraft.
    I have been banned once on a vanilla server about two years ago by telling a friend to try a different server
    Seeing as my grammar is not the best :s So I probably look like a 12 years old but feels better to be honest than a shame over my writing

  • Staff

    Heyo Jesper, and thanks for your application!
    I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist, enjoy your time playing on Stonebound.
    See you around!

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