• Hi everyone,

    I'm Kathrin, 30 years old and from Germany. I found this server because of zerotheowl. We used to be staff on Communitybuilt Gaming before the shut down and I finally miss playing minecraft. I haven't played a lot of Revelation, but I'd like to try it (but not all alone ^^). I enjoy bee mods, thaumcraft and stuff with cross breeding. So I'm really looking forward to play around with Binnie's Mods again. I was never banned before or anything like that. I'm not the best builder, but I know how to make things work ^^ I like to play other games as well if I have some time apart from working in kindergarten. So I hope I'll be accepted and we'll see each other soon on the server :)

  • Retired

    Hi kathrin!!!
    Welcome back to Minecraft and welcome to Stonebound! It is with great pleasure that I have accepted your application and have whitelisted you on our servers. Drop on my our Discord and say hi! If you have any questions, let us know!


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