• I'm from North America, age 16, and I found this community off of I really love modded minecraft and find a way to play whenever I can. One of my favorite mods is Ender IO, mainly because of its sleek designs and ease of interaction, along with the many options you have while using it. I've been playing modded minecraft for a little over 2 years, so I'm still a bit new to the community, however, I do try my best to learn different styles of play and different techniques to advanced my progress in different modpacks. My playstyle is kind of random, however if I play with someone else, its usually way more fun and organized. In real life, I am an aspiring music producer who has 4 years in the art as of now. I also play piano ( 9 years) and drums (2 years) I love computers and anything that has to do with them hardware-wise. Not so much on software. Nice to meet you and I love active smallish servers so this looks like a perfect place for me! Even though I am 16, I am mature & a pretty funny person when I can be.

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    Greetings KingFinessed,
    It is with pleasure I inform you that your application has been processed and you have been whitelisted on our servers. when you get a moment, drop on by our Discord and say hi. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.


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