• My name is Joseph more know as VashJr, I have been trying to get on this server for some time now. I keep getting a response saying "we hope you find a server that fits you" and I have and it is stonebound,Im 17, In east coast of united states. I play minecraft occasionally when i have time and am in the mood to build and play. I found this server on google-ftbservers with whitelisted and my other prefers and this was the #1 server that showed up for my options that i gave it. It seems like a great server and something i could enjoy and make new friends which is my goal. This is my 3rd application. I hope it will be the last one. My account says i was born in 1988 for certain reasons. My favorite mods are probably thaumcraft since im learning it. I build great and don't mess with others. My hobbies outside of gaming is motocross and sometimes sports. Im apart of the discord community already hoping to stay. I hope i can be apart of the community and build in the world. Thank you.

  • Staff

    Our server is specifically intended for mature users that are 18 years of age or older. While we will sometimes consider users that are 16+, we will only accept younger applicants that seem like a good fit for our community. Based on your terrible grammar (Despite residing in the United States) in your initial application and communication with me through discord, as well as you openly admitting you do not communicate in chat (this is a social server, hence the longer application requirement), we have decided that you are not a good fit for our community. Additionally, you are applying saying that you are 17 years old, while your profile on our website indicates that you are actually 16.

    We would be happy to reconsider you in the future, however, spamming your application repeatedly after being declined will net you a permanent ban from our community. You are welcome to reapply in two years when we can confirm you meet our age requirements and have hopefully matured enough to type properly the first time around. In the meantime, we invite you to check out our affiliate communities on Tasty Node Gaming. These communities do not have as strict whitelisting requirements as we do, but do work hard to provide a quality modded Minecraft experience. We wish you the best of luck finding another community.

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