• Hey! I'm BirdyWirdy, I'm 18, and live in Canada. I don't have a history of any bans and I found this server through Rihawk who suggested it to me.

    I first got Minecraft soon after it went into beta, around 7 years ago. I have always enjoyed creating things whether it is through drawing, coding, or writing, and Minecraft acted as a creative outlet for me. I originally had lots of fun playing survival with my friends, but when we started getting bored of that we eventually started joining other types of servers, and started playing modded Minecraft. I mostly played on tekkit or FtB servers, and delved into lots of thaumcraft and bees.

    My favourite mod has always been thaumcraft, due to their being so many different paths you can take in it, from making golems, to crafting tools and weapons. I also enjoyed doing forestry and bees, although I find that they can get to be too time consuming. I have wanted to get back into Minecraft after a few year hiatus and FtB offers a lot more to do and try out than vanilla. I have also heard from Rihawk that this server is has good protections and he has been enjoying it, so I thought it would be a good place to start playing again.

    I don't know yet what mods I will be focusing on, but I can always find something new and exciting to try, which I hope to be able to do on Stonebound.

  • Staff

    Hey BirdyWirdy, welcome to Stonebound!
    Thanks for introducing yourself, I agree that using Minecraft as a creative outlet can be pretty satisfying.
    We're trying our best to make claim protection unnecessary, apart from the handy little team name it shows you upon entering, so you don't have to worry about that.
    Anyway, hope you have a good time getting back into modded on the server. See you soon!

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