• Hello, my name is Shaquiqui, and I have lived in BC, Canada for all of my life. I am currently 20 and turn 21 in October. I have always been a player of integrity and have no history of bans thus far. I heard about your server from Rihawk_, someone who I have played minecraft with for many years now. I have been playing minecraft for almost 8 years and always find myself coming back to it for FTB or tekkit. My favourite mods are usually magic centered ones such as thaumcraft. I also love machine mods such as EnderIO. I am always someone who respects peoples privacy and hates grieving. I find grieving takes the fun out of the game anyways. I am eager to see your response to my application and look forward to hearing from you.

  • Staff

    Hello shaquiqui,
    thanks for applying for our community. I've quickly gone ahead and whitelisted you, sorry for the wait!
    Have fun meeting up with your friend on the server, I'll see you around!

  • Thank you, and no worries. I understand people have lives and do not always have time to whitelist everyone right away. Look forward to building with ya

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