• Hey stonebound server! my name is jvjets15, I found your server listing on ftbservers.com. I've been looking for a whitelisted server for a while now,because I'm really bad at playing a SP world without hopping into creative. I know its really bad so I thought I'd try and do the next best thing and join a server with few things that are banned. I started playing minecraft on the xbox 360 when I was like 9 im almost 19 now and i'm still in love with it.I don't play it all year long unless i'm on a good server, in that case i'd probably be on almost everyday. The old server i used to play on got taken down due to lack of funds, it was sad because I practically new everyone with my 4 years of playing on their server.My favorite type modpacks are the hardcore skyblocks and or questing packs I really like the idea of having a huge list a tasks to slowly check off each day I'm not sure why but it's satisfying haha.

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    Hi jvjets15!!!! Your application has been processed and it is with great pleasure that I tell you that you have been whitelisted on our servers!! insert crowd cheer and wave here When you get a chance, drop on by our Discord and say hi! If you have any questions, let us know!


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