• Hello, my name is dovakiin40. Although I do have to change that name because i mostly go by Arsenal now. I am 19 years old and live in South Florida, United States. I found out about this server from two friends who i used to play minecraft with pretty regularly. (Bydon and Lord Jeb). As far as for what i usually do in modded minecraft , i usually end up focusing on the magic mods, specifically Thaumcraft. I also use IndustrialCraft or similar mods to maximize efficiency when mining.
    In real life, I usually spend my time at the gym or playing shooters and exploration mostly. Minecraft is one of the few games i play outside this category.

    Let me know if I made it!

  • Staff

    Hello 4R5ENAL,

    I've had a look through your application, and I am happy to welcome you to our servers! As of this message, you have been added to our whitelist on all of our servers. Feel free to stop by our discord server if you have any issues or questions, and I hope you can have fun alongside your friends in game. Have fun!


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