• Age: 21
    Country: UK
    Found you guys because a friend found you. So I got into minecraft maybe 7 years ago? Back near the start when it didn't have all this fancy stuff in it. I spent much of my time during school playing Minecraft and watching the Yogscast back when it was BlueXephos and Shadow of Israphel was still alive and well. Sadly I've really not played much Minecraft lately (or at all in a few years) and I'd really love to get back into it. I've so many memories of playing on different servers and different mods (my favourite mod was Equivalent Exchange may it rest in peace) and I'd love to get back into it. I've always been a peaceful player, never been banned never nerfed anything - I just like to build a pretty house and do a little mining.

    Hope you guys let me in!

  • Staff

    Hello abdola,

    I've gone and looked over your application, and I am happy to say that as of this message, you have been whitelisted! Hopefully the time gap doesn't hinder your gameplay, but in the off-chance that it does you are more than welcome to join our discord with any questions. I wish the old times with the yogscast were still with us, especially shadow of israphel! I was gutted when I found out that it just... stopped. Anyway, I hope you have fun with us in game!


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