• Hullo~
    Age: 21
    Location: USA [East coast]

    People call me Khalli, or Birdie, whatever is easiest for you. I've been a long time gamer and have been itching for a new MC server to get into. My friends Gizmo and Cy referred me to y'all. Usually when I play MC I aim to build some intricate houses, mostly based in the trees, but I have been known to just roam around and explore, looking for all sorts of treasures. I got into this a few years ago and kinda fell in love with the aspect of building and watching the different textures play a unique roll in the way the structures take shape. My favorite build is probably the Plenty of Biomes and the Thaumacraft. I love the different biomes and trees you can find, my favorite being the Redwood tree, just because of the massiveness of it and how much you can build inside of it. Outside of gaming I like to swim and am currently a college student studying biology. I play a mosh-posh of MMO and RPG games as well as tabletop rpgs.

    I look forward to gaming and creating with y'all.

  • Staff

    Hello Birdie,

    I've checked over your application, and I am glad to welcome you to Stonebound! As of this message, you have been whitelisted on all of our servers. Make sure you stop by our discord if you have any questions, and have fun with your friends in game! Hopefully the new thaumcraft is something you'll want to invest some time into - it's dangerous but really fun at the same time!


  • Thank you so much~ I look forward to the fun!

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