• Hello Stonebound Staff

    I would like to apply for whitelisting on your FTB ultimate server.

    My age is 28 years and I live in Norway. I found your server on the internet, while searching for servers that run FTB ultimate. I have no previous history of lying about my age or getting banned.

    I started playing minecraft allready back in 2010, and have since played on-and-off. I have had great fun playing in Vanilla mostly, but also on FTB ultimate before, on a server called Crazy-fools. I have also enjoyed PVP on the now closed "project arez" servers. I have logged thousands of hours of playtime, and would consider myself to be an experienced and end-game player.

    Community is an important factor for me gameplay wize, and i tend to be an active member of a community that is active itself.

    Outside minecraft, i recently finished my bachelors degree in "intellectual history", and am currently pursuing a degree in cognitive neuroscience. Other than that, my hobbies are everything between (and including) guitar, camping, rollerblading, diving and stonemasoning.

    I would love to get the opportunity to join and check out your community for some good times ingame.


  • Retired

    Hi there lazersauce!

    I'm Cy and I want to be the first to welcome you to Stonebound and let you know that you have been whitelisted on our servers!!! WOOHOO!!!! When you get a second, drop on by our Discord and say hi! I don't bite, can't say the others won't.... Just kidding.... kinda… Anyway! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, feel free to let us know! Happy crafting!


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