• Hey, I'm code. I'm 20 years old and live in the US. I was browsing for 18+ servers and stumbled upon you guys on I don't have any history of bans or anything else like that; I actually haven't played on servers for like 4 years. I remember playing the original tekkit launcher waaaaay back in the day, as well as the yogspack, and all the modpacks that came after (Hexxit especially). I'm a very big fan of magic, spellcrafting and rituals, so I always start on thaumcraft right away (I'm so used to it and all it's precursors magic system, I actually first played Thaumcraft 2 in the aforementioned yogspack) and then go onto making power. I really like immersive engineering's approach to energy, mainly because of those big ass multiblocks. I love multiblock structures a lot, so I will take up a bit of space. Don't worry though, because I'll make it look really good (I'm big on aesthetics and building pretty structures a lot). If there's anything else you want to know about me, feel free to ask. I hope we can play together sometime soon.

  • Staff

    Hello CodenameStirfryy,

    I've read over your application, and I am happy to say that as of this message, you have been whitelisted! Glad to see another old-school player from Tekkit, I loved that pack. Make sure you stop by our discord if you need any help or have any questions for us. Have fun, and be careful with thaumcraft now - it's quite dangerous now :wink:


  • Thanks a ton! I hope my thaumcraft doesn't get too out of control haha

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