• 20, USA. My wife and here friends play on here. No ban history. I enjoy playing with friends but still mainly keep to myself. i focus primarily on the farming aspect that's why mods like Test Pack Please Ignore are fun because of food plus. Most likely will be farming and while I wait I gather necessary resources for other players since I'm not too particular of combat or mining. I'm pretty laid back wont cause too much trouble i have no reason or desire to start drama. IRL I work at a retirement home as a kitchen staff while also being married. Most days i just chill and play games with my wife or just bum it to easy games and listen to music. But that's pretty much me.

  • Staff

    Hello Penguinthunder,

    I have looked over your application and I am happy to tell you that as of this message, you have been added to the whitelist! Make sure you stop by our discord in case you have any questions, and have fun!


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