• Hi there, my in-game name is Mazillus. I am 33. I am from Scotland in the UK. I have been playing minecraft on and off since classic minecraft and have hosted and ran various different servers in the past including original and the FTB mindcrack modpack. (one of my favorite modpacks.)

    Another favorite modpack of mine is skyfactor 3 and can't wait for skyfactory 4.

    I was drawn to continuum modpack as it seems harder and balanced than some of the other modpacks out there. Continuum also has the bees mod which I really want to learn.

    Generally, I try to play solo, but solo gets pretty lonely after time.

    I'm looking to join a mature community that helps each other and has a good time.

  • Retired

    Greetings Mazillus!
    After careful consideration of your application, it is with pleasure that I say you have been whitelisted on our servers! Drop on by Discord and say hello! If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know.


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