• I have recently turned 16 i live in Iceland i have waited a while so that i wouldn´t break the guidelines alot of my friends play on this server and i have heard from them that the challenges are mostly fun and that the server works well i have no valid reason why i should be accepted instead of anyone else i usually end up being the person that figures most of the mods out but im trying too join my friends towny i hope that someone sees this -End- my friends are @Bishaka @AstralGen @OhItsMonday Oh and i have never been banned in any public/private server

  • Staff

    Hello Flarion,

    After carefully looking over your application, I am pleased to welcome you onto Stonebound! As of this message, you have been whitelisted on all of our servers. I hope you enjoy your stay with your friends and us. Happy mining, and make sure you check out our discord as well!


  • Thank you

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