• Hello,

    I am a 37 yo in the US that has been playing MC for many years. I've been on a hiatus for a couple of years (1.7.10 was the big thing last time I played), and I figured I'd dive back in and see what's changed. After searching for a decent Revelations server, I came across this one on a Google search.

    No history of bans or unnecessary drama. Just here to build stuff. I've been a member of several different servers over the years, and have mayored towns, built huge towering structures, chased the dragon that was Gregtech, and even run my own own server for a while. I don't plan on doing any of that stuff this time around (except maybe huge structures). I just want to find a nice, quiet place to learn and build.

    Thanks for looking and hope to see you online.

  • Retired

    Hello Delstar,

    Thank you for applying to Stonebound and finding interest in the server. Can't wait to see some new structures that tower over Crag Falls on the Revelations server. Gregtech was definitely a hard chase to do, but I bet it was worth it as I thought it was fun to do. I shall whitelist you and see you on the server soon. Hope we can become friends :D!

  • Staff

    No need to compete with Cragfalls, why not join it yourself? We're always looking for builders to bring new creations to the area!

  • Thanks. We'll see about where I end up after I get myself situated :)

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