• Hi, my name is Mike and I am 18 and live in the USA. I found this server from my friend BlewConduct. I have no history of bans on any server or any game. I do remodeling work for a day job during the week and hustle pickles on the weekends. I enjoy dirt biking, playing video games, and chillin with the bros on a Saturday night. I got into Minecraft many years ago and shortly after loving vanilla, I got into modded. I played many mod packs including (but not limited to) Tekkit, Yogscast complete(where i met BlewConduct), and Industrialcraft. Thank you for your time to review this application.

  • Retired

    Hello Mike,

    Thanks for the application and taking interest in this server. I will be accepting your application and whitelisting you. Dirt biking is a pretty cool too be honest. Have a lot of fun with your friends! :3 See you soon!!!

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