• Hi,

    My Minecraft name is Hiberniust. I am 31 years old. I am playing minecraft for years. I am looking for a server where is no stealing or griefing. I dont have so much time as before... I live in Hungary, Budapest. I found your server at Minecraft's own server search. I have played before on a server, there i got HeadAdmin rank. I dont have favourite mods, but there are items I can not live without. eg: elevator, ender io's conduits ...

    I guess it is enough to read.

    Gabor Schlenker AKA Hiberniust

  • Retired

    Greetings Hiberniust!!!
    It pleases me to say Welcome to Stonebound. I have reviewed your application and everything looks to be in order. Ender IO is one of my favorite mods as well. You have been whitelisted as of this message. If you haven't joined our Discord, come on by, there's cookies somewhere..... If you have any questions, please let us know. Happy Mining!!!!


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