• Hi there,

    I am 24 and am currently living in Wisconsin, USA. I took a decently long break from MineCraft, but a friend and I recently decided to try and get back into it. We used to love playing the tech mods and getting super in depth with them. That's when we found Continuum and subsequently, discovered Stonebound servers.

    As for outside of MineCraft, I enjoy playing games with my friends such as GTA V, CSGO, Overwatch and some others. I'm also a big movie buff and love listening to music. I even like collecting vinyl from my favorite bands/artists. I work full time as a consultant and just like to relax after the work day. I feel like joining a community like this one will help with that goal, and hopefully I can make even more friends through my time here.


  • Staff

    Good day, Rusty!
    Thanks for introducing yourself, I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist. I hope this community is what you're looking for, most of us come here to relax. Enjoy playing on Stonebound and see you soon!

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