• Hi im 27 and live in Ontario Canada. Looking to get back into Minecraft and found the Continuum modpack that looked super cool. My friend and I were hoping to find a decent whitelist server to avoid hackers/laggy over saturated servers. Found your server in the public list within the app. Have a longer history of player Minecraft in huge spurts then taking breaks so I guess im looking to do another one of those. Generally get pretty invested when I do play and tend to invest a lot of time into it.

    Can't even remember when I got into Minecraft but it was well after it had been released after being pressured by friends to buy it and finding it personally a bit juvenile. However now I quite love the game and will adamantly defend against the same claims I made before I have even tried it. My favorite semi recent modpack was Monster also through FTB back in v1.6.4. I even went so far as to pay and host my own server for it. Not much to list in the real life department, when im not working or with my significant other I am generally playing games ranging from Overwatch to Runescape to whatever else the flavor of the week is.

  • Staff

    Hio Jayk,
    thanks for your interest in joining us! You've been added to our whitelist, have fun getting back into the game together with your friend!

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