• Heyo, I'm Spooky_Catt,

    I am 23 years old and I'm currently living in New Hampshire, USA. I found out about your server from my friends Astralgen and Tony_FTW and from what they said it seems like a lot of fun. I have never had any bans or have ever lied about my age. I started playing Minecraft when it first came to the Xbox and it was tons of fun, now that I mainly play on PC I wanted to start over and experience Minecraft at a whole new level. I haven't played modded Minecraft before but my friends said they would show me the ropes so i would be more comfortable playing. I really like playing team based games like Overwatch, and recently I have gotten into playing Warframe which is a ton of farming lol. In real life I like to watch anime, read manga,paint,and read books.

  • Staff

    Hey Spooky_Catt, welcome to Stonebound!
    It's good to see Tony and Astral bringing in more people, you've been whitelisted. Have fun discovering the world of modded minecraft!

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