• Hi, my name is Kieran. I live in the US, New England. I'm 18 and have been playing minecraft off and on since 2010. I found this server from the public server list in the Revelations client. I used to enjoy modded minecraft a lot and have been looking for a nice community to get back into it with. As far as I remember I haven't been banned from any previous minecraft servers and I have never lied about my age on a application.

    In real life I'm a high school student looking at applying to college, majoring in computer engineering or aerospace, and I'm very interested in those two areas. I'm also a volunteer firefighter and I like to sail, hike, and hunt. In minecraft I enjoy building large and complex bases and machine systems, and I try to make it look pretty while I'm at it. Thanks for your consideration!

  • Staff

    Hi Kieran,
    thanks for stopping by and leaving an application. I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist, enjoy playing on Stonebound!

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