• Age: 16 (17 in september)
    Country: Canada
    I was playing on a DW20 server, getting bored because of how repetitive it gets after a while. One of the admins recommended Revelations because its broader, sounded fun so I downloaded and screwed around in a small single player for a short time. I enjoyed it, so im looking for a more permanent server to play on.
    Bans: None to my knowledge? I was suspended from a crazy craft server for using an AFK pool, but in fairness that wasnt in the rules.
    Lying about age: Never.
    I got into MC just before it became a big thing. I'd play with my friends on vanilla servers and such, but grew tired of it pretty fast. It had been a few months where I hadn't picked up the game, and one of my friends discovered Thaumcraft through the yogscast. I played some tekkit, but it doesn't agree with my laptop so i found FTB and was hooked.

    I've always adored Witchery, although it doesn't give many in game benefits. I like figuring things out, so Computercraft and OpenComputers are fun. Industrialcrafts 1 & 2 where also fun, but they've mostly become obsolete with Thermal, so I don't play those too much.

    I adore theater and classical literature, indeed, i just came back from a two week long Shakespeare Intensive. I've been acting for a good seven years now, and I love it. Me and my friends make short films and put them into small local film festivals.

    Anywhoodle, that's about it. I occasionally have some connection issues, especially with the larger packs like revelation, hope that's not a big deal.

  • Staff

    Hio LionSeb,
    thanks for introducing yourself, and my deepest apologies for the late reply. It's quite interesting to see how a creative person like you mostly talks about the tech/magic aspect of modded minecraft, but I agree that OpenComputers is amazing to play around with! Anyways, we're happy to have you in the community, you've been whitelisted! See you around :3

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