• I am 21 and currently living in the United States. I was discussing Minecraft Mod packs and a good friend of mine suggested this community. I am currently an affiliate on Twitch, so I will most likely stream the content I create in the modpacks. I have never had any trouble on servers regarding bans or breaking rules. I have been playing Minecraft for many years and wanted to be a Minecraft Youtuber in middle school. I am now a full time college student working on a bachelor's degree. My favorite modpack that I have played thus far is Attack of the B Team.

  • Staff

    Hey ANemeanLioness

    First of, is your name pronounced ~Knee-me-an~ or ~Nem-ean~ ? :)

    Congrats on the affiliate, working your way up to the big league streamers soon enough I'm sure :P

    I've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist,
    See you soon,

  • Aww, thank you! I pronounce it A-Knee -Me-An-Lioness, but I just tell most people to call me Lioness to avoid the confusion. :)

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