• Hello! I go by Varia online, I'm eighteen years old and currently live in the United States. I found this server (and its forums) through looking for a FTB Revelation server to play with other people. I've played Minecraft modpacks on and off for about six years now, but have only played on servers a handful of times (most whitelisted—and therefore not overpopulated or heavily griefed—servers are 18+).

    I was shown Minecraft originally by some friends in middle school but didn't really get into it until I started watching the Yogscast's Tekkit series. After that, I started playing Tekkit while dabbling in other modpacks and playing with friends on vanilla. Eventually, the fine people at Technic stopped updating Tekkit and the launcher's packs overall fell stagnant, so I moved on to the ATLauncher and the FTB packs to fulfill my modded Minecraft needs—but Tekkit's always been my favorite. On vanilla I first remember 1.2.5, although I also played the demo version they had at the time (which sort of looked like a creative-only beta version of the game) on a Canadian server called "Fuzzcraft". It's a wonder I can remember all that after all this time.

    Outside of Minecraft, I'm largely a writer of short stories and novels and am about to start college. Currently, my plan is to teach history after I graduate and get my certification, but we'll see about that. I also play (and DM) a fuckton of DND, currently including a homemade 19th century/high fantasy campaign and a Trojan War campaign.

    Just comment on this post (I assume you can do that on here? Forgive me if I'm wrong) or message me if you have any questions or concerns. I hope to play with you guys soon!

  • Staff

    Hey Varia!

    Sorry for the long wait! Things have been busy :3

    Good ol' days of tekkit, back when having 20 mods in a modpack was an insane feat...

    We've got a pretty good community going on if you're looking to meet new people, there's a few that play DND on the regular on our discord as well :P

    I've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist

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