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    Hey there!
    My name is Chad, and I'm 31 and live in the US (Western NY) I found you guys on FTBservers and thought you guys were what I was looking for in a Revelations server. I've been playing Minecraft for some time now of course but with my old server going permanent ghost town I thought a fresh start was the best idea. I tend to go off on my own and work for everything I get and see what I can build, but always love it when I get a visitor to show off what I've done. Also checking out other's builds is the best way you can learn about other mods and new ways they interact.

    I've never lied about my age... Though I do admit I was banned off a server once quite a few years ago... A prank war got out of hand, and I went ... way off the handle... I basically set up a wall in a guys cave so when he broke the wall hidden dispensers would fire harm and poison potions at him... Unfortunately he logged in behind the redstone and disabled it and it never did anything... I was banned of course... Well deserved really after how much trouble I was with it... again it was a few years ago and I've been well behaved since... Though have been known to roleplay as an evil mage bent on taking over the world before....

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    Hey meges!

    Firstly apologies about the extended delay :P

    Nothing wrong with a bit of fun, evidently that guy didn't want to be potion'd that day.

    Hopefully we're less of a ghost town for you rev still has a pretty stable population :)

    I've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist

    See you soon,

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