A free way to support Stonebound

  • Hello everyone,

    If you're like me and enjoy Stonebound and wish to help via a donation but might be financially unstable, I wanted to point out a "free way" to donate.

    If you download the "Google Rewards" app on your phone and sign up, you'll get sent short 4-5 multiple questions surveys. By answering the survey, you 'll earn around .10 - .15 cents per survey. Once you reach $2 you earn a payout and that's it. Google will pay out to the PayPal email which uses your email from signup.

    Now obviously it's not free because you're giving up your data in terms of survey's but for me, I find it well worth it. It might be something you might want to consider for yourself or even as a way to generate donation money if you wish to do so!

    By no means is this an advertisement (As I did not provide any referrals) so this is just for the benefit of the community!

    Hope this gives you guys another option to donate!

    Google Opinion Rewards iOS
    Google Opinion Rewards Android

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