• Hello and good day! I am IsekaiTheOwl and i am currently 25 and i live in the usa. I found this server through a friend of mine Tolly765.
    Hobbies and interests. I spent many years cooking, my current style is southern comfort and Classic italian. The two have a warming comforting side which i enjoy. I am currently a Journeyman butcher and going further in that career field. I also enjoy reading anything fantasy and science fiction. I used to admin a minecraft server for a few years that recently shut down and im looking to get back into minecraft and have a relaxed time. I try to be a fairly nice guy and a decent human being. I understand all the rules ya'll have and will follow them. Thank you for taking the time to read this! -Sidenote that i forgot to mention i was a admin on CBG for a few years (along with tolly765 Iophobic and Cynight) But my name was ZerotheOwl at the time.

  • Staff

    Greetings, Isekai!
    thanks for your interest in joining us, we're happy to welcome you to the community! I've yet to improve my cooking skills, been wanting to do so for years, but never found a starting point. Anyway, you're whitelisted, enjoy playing with your mates here on Stonebound. See you soon!

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