• I'm a 16 year old highschool student from the US. My small group of friends and I were looking for a nice stable community server in order to hang out and build without having to deal with griefers/thiefs. We just so happened to find this server on the FTB's server list website.

    I started playing minecraft around december of 2011, however I was watching many videos on it on youtube long before that. I find building to be the most enjoyable thing about this game, so I usually end up spending most of my time decorating and designing the bases while my friends deal with the other aspects of the modpack.

    Minecraft has always been a game that I seem to come back to and have a blast playing even through long hiatuses , I hope that I can contribute to the server in a positive way in order to achieve a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

    I don't remember ever being banned on any account that I have owned.

    Also the aforementioned friends will be apply separately as well.

    FYI: this is not my original account, that one was lost unfortunately

    ![alt text](image url)

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  • Staff

    Hio xzye, and welcome to Stonebound!
    I've gone ahead and added you and your crew to the whitelist. Hope this is what you've been looking for, if you have any concerns, just let us know. See you around!

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