• So. i currently i am 16 years old born june 21 2002 , found your website through a friend called xzye_, i live in the US, and i have never been bannned in minecraft just take long brakes when i play. I got the game in 2010, in the begining i was really addicted to it when i was youn but whem time went i got bored and played periodically with my friends from time to time . I guess you can its this time again with no other games that intrest i decided to go back and play minecraft, but i cant find any good servers to play most of them are laggy and un playable , so talking to my friends we decided to try ad play a roleplay server since it would probably be more optimized less greifers and we can enjoy the mod and not killed by other players and enjoy the game. If i get accepted i intend to mainly just focus on mods and trying to get to deep parts of mods and fully complete them. SO i guess you can call me a pve player, the pvp in minecraft never really intrested me that much, i found to be frankly stupid how you just spam your sword at someone and fight like that basically whoever has the better sword and i didnt really like that, i didnt see much skill in this type of fighting , thats why i moved away from factions and vanilla minecraft, and just vamilla in itself is boring know its been the same thing for a while and with revalations there is so much more to do. I was always intrested with the mods that have to do with engineering in minecraft or reactors, like back then in the good old tekket days where your can build nuclear reactors but know we have a better mod, which you probably now the name of extreme reactors . I always like doing that mod and building a cool factory. I always liked doing the sorcery mods like botania, and draconic evolution, i remeber last time i did draconic revolutions with my friend we spawned in big meteorites filled with diamonds gold and emeralds and had flying rings un till the owner wipped the server randomley one day. That got me tilted so i just quit for a while , lost intrest in the game, and there were new games coming out and i was enjoying them one game that i got and enjoyed was arma 3 and played that for a while, ohh woops im getting off topic, but anyways i hope this app isi'nt too long, my teachers in school did say i write a lot. Cant waith to play on your server have a good day

  • Staff

    Hi SkySkater, and thank you for introducing yourself.
    You and your friends have been added to the whitelist, hope you have a good time here!

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