• Age: 16
    Country: United States
    How I found you: Through a friend named Xzye_
    History of Bans: I've never been banned off a Minecraft server
    Hello, my name is Patric, I've got into Minecraft since Alpha which is about 8 years ago, and to this day I still enjoy my time on this game. Personally what has kept me going are mod packs. It all started when the Yogscast began their tekkit series, I quickly fell in love with modded Minecraft. My favorite mod at this moment is Extreme Reactors because it's just fun building machines that produce so much power. In my daily life I spend a chunk of it gaming, but the rest I spend playing sports, such as soccer and hockey, which by the way are my favorite sports. I really want to join your wonderful community, and enjoy modded Minecraft in peace. Thank you!

  • Staff

    Hi Patric,
    thanks for your interest, you've been added to the whitelist. Enjoy playing on Stonebound with your friends!

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