lost minecraft account

  • hello i have a problem i had a old accoundt in game name: skunk.

    but i could not login anymore on that account for some reason tryd to retrive my password and reset my accound but that diddint work so i had to rebuy minecraft to even continue to play but then i had to het a new minecraft name is there a way to readd that account to the whitelist but whit a other ingame name, my new minecraft new is now: RepsacTheSkunk.

    i hope that can be chanced i really hate that i had to buy minecraft again to be able to play and i love your servers

    greetings from owwnd ^.^

  • Staff

    Hey owwnd,

    Nice to have you back, sorry to hear your old account (skunq) is in-accessable. I've gone ahead and removed that one from the whitelist , if you ever gain access to it again feel free to reply to this post and I'll sort something out for you ;)

    I've gone ahead and added your new username RespacTheSkunk to the whitelist.

    See you soon!

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