• Hey there buds, my names Kevin I am currently 20 years of age living in Florida. I actually got told about Stonebound by my friend avtandrew. I've been looking for a really good whitelisted Minecraft server to be a part of. He's told me so far that he likes it a lot and to make an application to join him on his adventures.

    I started playing Minecraft a few months after it first came out. I played it every day after school. I got hooked on modded Minecraft when Tekkit came out and never went back to normal Minecraft until around 2014 where I was an admin for 3 years. I'm more of a fan of being part of whitelisted/private communities because there are less or no toxic players and not many problems I have to deal with. I always try to be engaged with the communities I join because the community being private I feel I have a better chance of interacting and meeting the other players and creating new friendships.

    When I'm not playing Minecraft I spend most of my time with my girlfriend, if not with her I'm on discord making servers/moderating servers. I Moderate a GMOD RP server as well as recently being apart of a GTA 5 RP server. I play a lot of ARK mostly only with my friends in my private discord I manage. I'm a dive shop manager so that does take a lot of my time up.

    Alright so that was my application thank you for reading it and hopefully, I get to meet you guys on the server.

  • Staff

    Hey kevilo!

    Sorry about the extended wait, I've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist!

    Enjoy your stay!


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