• I am 46 years old and from the great state of Texas

    I have played MInecraft since the early Betas. I am not a griefer, scammer or thief.

    I work about 60 hours a week at my current job (CNC Programmer) and mostly play in the evenings and some on the weekends.

    I have been playing FTB revelations on a home server (with my 3 kids) for a few months and love to tinker with mixing and matching different mods. I tend to work alone but I am happy to contribute to the overall community and join events if they happen. I love to automate things in creative and sometimes silly ways. one example is an open computers robot who can run my Tinkers Construct Smeltery.

    thank you for your consideration


  • Staff

    Hello Darkbyrd!
    Thanks for your application, we are happy to have you join us in our community, so I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist.
    It's good to see someone that takes a creative approach to the mechanics of mods, I hope you enjoy playing on our server

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