• Howdy there. I'm gonna make a little list of whatcha need to know, then I'll add some stuff on the end.

    • Age: I'm 16 and 6 months old or so, I don't keep track.

    • Current residence: I live in the Eastern US. Ain't too fun here.

    • How I found you: I was searching through the public servers tab in the FTB Continuum modpack, and saw a server with a nice amount of people on it. Then, I came here, read all of the stuff, and decided this looked pretty nice.

    *Years ago, I would lie about my age to get into certain applications for other websites and Steam. You know of such age restrictions, of course, but I no longer have to do so, considering I'm old enough to get past most filters.

    I'm a pretty decent player. I've played on a plethora of modpacks, with Continuum spiking my interest right now. Normally, I play alone, but normally only due to how I have no friends. I live in the country, and with every kid focused on shooting a deer or riding a four wheeler, there just isn't anyone here I can play with. I really hope I blend well with the server, and I ain't gonna be a burden. I'm here to play, no business, just pleasure :smile: .

    *Also, I freaking love the website. I do coding and some mechanical engineering, and I LOVE the layout. Keep up the good work guys!

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