• Hi my name is badaiz, i'm 31 and from Germany.
    I was part of the On the Rocks community and didn't play for a while after they close their gates.
    After trying to motivate some of my friends to play and join the glorious world of modded minecraft (I failed), I'm in need of some new buddies to share a server.
    I started pretty late with minecraft. The first pack i was playing was Agrarian Skies II after trying out some kitchen sink packs. But now i have a couple thousand hours played.
    In about a month I'm planning on playing the new WoW expansion for some weeks but until then i've got a lot of free time (working in a school and in germany are summer holidays right now).

    Hope you consider me.

    Greetings badaiz

  • Staff

    Hallo badaiz, welcome to Stonebound!
    My friends got tired of Minecraft too, but it was good to meet other inspired players here. Hope you feel the same way!
    You've been whitelisted, enjoy!

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