• Age: 18
    Country: Canada ( Soon England )
    How'd you find us: The in-game public server list
    History: Pretty sure I've never had to lie about my age haha
    Info: I got into minecraft in 2013, and since 2015 have been heavily intrigued by the idea of mod's in pack form. Until about 2 weeks ago I was unable to play anything more than infinity Lite on my old laptop at 20 fps so Im honestly just looking for a small-medium population, Mature lag free server where I can learn and enjoy modding. ( im already In the discord if you wanna ask me anything @NoticeImotis#9698

  • Just thought Id add this, I've spent quite alot of time researching modpacks and experimenting one by one before the new computer so I have a pretty good understanding which i find lots of enjoyment out of helping others to understand if possible, In short I wanna be part of an actual community that feels the same hopefully

  • Staff

    Hi Otus, thanks for your interest.
    You've been added to the whitelist, welcome to the community! ;)

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