• Hey!
    I'm Kacper (aka Casper), I'm 20 years old. I live in Poland. I found Stonebound on "Public Servers List" in Minecraft.

    I started playing minecraft in alpha and I was maniac of technic mods. My favourite mod was RedPower and then I stopped playing because RedPower was abandoned by Eloraam :(
    I wasn't playing minecraft for years and now I want to start my journey again :P

    I'm a programmer right now and I want to play a little bit with OpenComputers. Stonebound looks like nice and I think community is awesome!

    Uhh. I don't know what to write more so that's all ;)

  • I wanna add some things about me because I didn't write anything about me :(

    So, I am a programmer to be more specific I'm a Full Stack Java Developer. I love this job and I love what I'm doing.

    I like to play with electronics (I am a Electronics Technician ). I'm interested in home automation so I have a little things automated in my room :)

    Few weeks ago I started playing with motorcycles - I bought scooter (yeaaah 50 cc xD) I wanna put arduino in it to make on-board computer :D

    With Minecraft my journey was long - very long. From being to newbie to owner of some servers. When I found technic mods I felt in love with them. I was playing all day and all night but then I went to new school and I didn't have time to play like in old times. Now I want to come back - I saw a lot of new mods and I forgot a lot of stuff :( But now when I'm coming tired from home I would play minecraft to relax and meet some new friends here.

    So that's it.

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