• Hey! I'm Rihawk, I'm 20 years old, live in Canada, and have a large soft spot for Minecraft. I discovered Stonebound through ftbservers.com as I was looking for a FTB revelation server to play on. I also have no history of bans.

    I've played Minecraft since way back in 2011 during beta 1.3 and played it consistently through until 1.9 in 2016. During those 5 years I dabbled in all sorts of servers, from private survival servers, to large scale RP servers, to many many mod pack servers. I played Tekkit way in the beginning, and when FTB came out I moved onto that and pretty well played whichever the largest mod pack was for every single update thereafter (FTB Ultimate, Unleashed, Monster, Resurrection, and now Revelation).

    When it comes to modded Minecraft, my favourite mod was always Computercraft, making cool sorting/retrieval systems controlled by a computer interface, and using mining turtles to do my bidding. I also have always loved any of the mods with machines to make my refining processes more efficient and fruitful, such as IC2. However, this time I'm gonna go another route, I've not yet touched thaumcraft in all my years of playing FTB, and I've got the perfect base to house my wizardry (in a creative world that I'm gonna have to rebuild).

    I've been slowly getting reeled back in to minecraft over the past couple weeks, and it would be a lot of fun to get right back into it on Stonebound!

  • Staff

    Hey Rihawk, welcome to Stonebound!
    Thanks for your application, I've gone ahead and added you to our whitelist. I agree that ComputerCraft/OpenComputers are such a fun thing to get into. I've been playing around with them, especially the Internet API. You can do anything with them! Anyway, enjoy getting back into modded together with our community, see you soon!

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