• Hi there, I go by Blue and just turned 19 today, (July 8th), and live in the USA.

    Over my modded Minecraft career I have tackled and played through several different modpacks and joined multiple communities. I have always enjoyed playing on servers more than trying to do anything solo because I love player interaction and being able to be apart of a community who has a common interest, such as modded Minecraft. I generally don't discriminate between my favorite mods as I enjoy both tech and magic mods and will find enjoyment out of either ones. I always love the challenge of progressing through modpacks and find the most enjoyment out of quest-based packs as they tend to give me more of a sense of progression to guide me along which I enjoy.

    The most recent community I was apart of was OnTheRocks by Mohron and unfortunately a couple months back he decided to shut down his servers. Recently I have gotten in the mood to get back into another modded pack and saw on Mohron's discord that he recommended your server to come and play on.

    Thank You and I hope to get accepted and be apart of a new community.

  • Staff

    Hey Blue,
    thanks for swinging by and leaving the application, we are happy to have you join us! Have fun getting back into modded with this community, you might even recognize a few others who used to play on Mohrons server. You've been white-listed, see you soon!

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