• 31 year old nerd, east coast USA, looking to kill some time with a new mod pack I haven't tried. Found your server/website on and seemed alright.

    Been playing a long time and I like to set myself weird personal challenges. Will I only be allowed to grow watermelon? Will I not be allowed up on to the surface?

    I prefer techmods and lots of automation, why work when you can watch your machines do it? I also like to try to keep things as compact as possible, no spawling megacomplexes from me, no sir. But you might get a single chunk megatower.

    Hopefully Revelations decides to finally install and i'll see you guys soon.

  • Staff

    Greetings, Gear!
    I like your idea of adding personal challenges to the game, play-styles like these are rarely found on the very progression-oriented community of Modded Minecraft. Anyway, thanks for the application, I've added you to our whitelist and you're welcome to join us whenever you like!
    p.s.: I'm sure there are people on our discord who are happy to help you troubleshoot your installation issues.

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