• Age: 21
    Country: USA
    Found you through the FTB server list
    No history of bans

    Hi all–I've been playing Minecraft awhile now, since back in the early Alpha days. I remember one of my earliest experiences with FTB was with a 1.6 modpack (Infinity or some such). The admin on my old vanilla server made a little side FTB one loaded up with it and so I got hooked sitting in a volcano in the twilight forest messing with Thaumcraft 3. One of my friends at the time liked to come by and use a portal gun to move the blocks of my walls aside so he could get in because I slapped an arcane door on the entrance–needed some warded glass to deal with him.

    Fast forward a few years, and I've been playing single player Sevtech for about a month now on my most recent return to modded mc. As I stood in front of a maxed out iridescent altar, wearing a mantle of stars and a phantom knight helmet, thinking "damn, I look cool," I wondered what the point was of looking that cool if I had no one to show off to.

    Looking forward to meeting you all!


  • Staff

    Hey Hawknose!

    Sorry about the wait!

    Portal guns are one of the things that kept me enjoying older modpacks, totally not because I learned you could shoot it at a moon and then at a friend for the best results..

    Thanks for the interest in the server, I've gone ahead and added you to the whitelist.

    Hope to see you and your builds soon :D


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